Paraboles ICSOS 2019

Cailabs' technical presentations at ICSOS

October 14-16, 2019 - Portland, Oregon, USA
Don’t miss the 2 following technical presentations by Dr. David Allioux (Cailabs) during the International Conference on Space Optical Systems and Applications:


Tuesday Oct. 15 at 6.10pm
S9.5 – Optimal coherent beam combining based on Multi-Plane Light Conversion for high throughput optical feeder links
Antonin Billaud, Fausto Gomez, David Allioux, Nicolas Laurenchet, Pu Jian, Olivier Pinel and Guillaume Labroille (Cailabs SAS, France)


Wednesday Oct. 16 at 12.20pm
S11.4 – Pointing Error Compensation For Inter-Satellite Communication Using Multi-Plane Light Conversion Spatial Demultiplexer
Antonin Billaud, David Allioux, Pu Jian, Nicolas Laurenchet, Olivier Pinel, Guillaume Labroille (Cailabs SAS, France)