Mitigation of Fading Caused by Atmospheric Turbulence with FMF Coupling and Maximum Ratio Combining Used in 320-m Free-Space Optical Transmission of 10 Gb/s BPSK

ECOC (2016)

M. Arikawa1, T. Ishikawa1, K. Hosokawa1, S. Takahashi1, Y. Ono1, T. Ito1

1 NEC Corporation

European Conference on Optical Communication, Th.2.P2.SC5.15 (2016).


Abstract: We experimentally demonstrated the sum of the six modes of FMF improved coupling efficiency by 6.5 dB for the optical beam impaired by 320-m open-air free-space transmission, and fading was suppressed by digital maximum ratio combining for 10 Gb/s BPSK.


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