Statistical characterization of intermodal crosstalk in direct detection schemes: M-PAM versus DMT

ECOC (2019)

Kaoutar Benyahya1, Amirhossein Ghazisaeidi1, Christian Simonneau2, Guillaume Labroille3, Antonin billaud3, Marianne Bigot4, Pierre Sillard4, Jérémie Renaudier1

1 Nokia Bell-Labs, Route de Villejust, 91620, Nozay, France,
2 Alcatel submarine networks, paris-saclay, 7 route de Villejust, 91620, Nozay, France
3 Cailabs SAS, 38 Boulevard Albert 1er, 35200, Rennes, France
4Prysmian Group, Parc des industries Artois Flandres, 644 boulevard Est, 62092 Haisnes, France



Transmissions over multimode fibers can be done using different techniques, nevertheless, inter-model crosstalk is a main limiting factor for high data rate transmissions. We characterize the statistics of the inter-modal crosstalk in direct detection M-PAM and DMT systems and assess their relative advantages and disadvantages.