Versatile and effective beam shaping module

CANUNDA-MP is the beam shaping module to use with medium power lasers


Optimum beam shape

Precise and varied shaping while maintaining ideal beam quality

Resistant to high powers

Works in CW and pulsed mode with high peak powers

Robust and compact design

A single robust and compact box is easily integrated into an existing system. The laser input can be provided by an optical fiber or in free

CANUNDA-MP in brief

CANUNDA-MP is a versatile mid-power beam shaper based on Cailabs patented beam shaping technology Multi-Plane Light Conversion. It reshapes singlemode laser beams operating in either pulsed or continuous mode at average powers up to 50 W.

CANUNDA-MP is particularly suited to complex and low loss laser beam reshaping, improving industrial laser processing quality and throughput.

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