Ultrafast laser beams shaped efficiently and precisely

CANUNDA-PULSE improves micro-processing and processing of transparent materials thanks to precise and robust beam shaping


Optimum beam shape

Precise and varied shaping while maintaining ideal beam quality

Resistant to high peak powers

Ultrafast pulsed operation with high peak powers

Resistant to laser beam fluctuations

Advanced management of misalignment and imperfections in the input laser beam. Beam shaping remains constant during the process


CANUNDA-PULSE is a laser beam shaper that provides a unique way of efficiently and precisely reshaping ultrafast laser beams. CANUNDA-PULSE provides made-to-measure laser beam reshaping with low losses. Thanks to its reflective design, it has a broad bandwidth and is resistant to high peak powers. The mode selective design is resistant to fluctuations in the input laser beam resulting in steady output beams.

CANUNDA-PULSE integrates perfectly with a singlemode laser operating in the ultra-short pulse regime (femtosecond or picosecond) at energies up to 100 µJ. CANUNDA-PULSE is the ideal compromise between efficiency, beam quality and cost.


Do you want to improve your micro-processing?


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