Boitier TILBA-R



More robust laser communications in the presence of atmospheric turbulence
TILBA-R limits the influence of atmospheric turbulence by use of a passive technology for the analysis of spatial modes of the optical link


Improved reliability even in the presence of strong turbulence

Transmitted power constraint lowered by 9 dB in the presence of strong turbulence levels thanks to modal diversity

Passive optical system

A totally passive system with unlimited bandwidth

Compatible with standard telecommunications components

Outputs over standard singlemode optical fibers compatible with telecommunications components

TILBA-R in brief

Intended for free space optical communications, TILBA-R is an optical component without parallel in the world that is designed to increase the quantity of light collected at the receiver in the presence of atmospheric turbulence.

It improves the reliability of the optical link and lowers the power constraints even in the presence of strong turbulence by use of the modal diversity technique and a larger numerical aperture.

TILBA-R is completely passive, compatible with standard telecommunications components and available as an onboard airborne version.

Want to know how to integrate TILBA-R in your laser communication systems?

Schéma turbulence mitigating optical component for laser communication


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