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Invent the optical networks of the future

The PROTEUS space division multiplexing solution is ideal for R&D teams inventing tomorrow’s optical networks.


Record number of space division modes

Up to 45 spatial modes selectively multiplexed and excited

Unparalleled optical performance

Low optical losses and record modal selectivity

High flexibility for all applications

Compatible with a wide wavelength range and all types of input and output: free space or fiber, all mode types

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PROTEUS in brief

The PROTEUS solution is a robust spatial mode multiplexer for use in space division multiplexing. Unique amongst its peers in that it benefits from the technology Multi-Plane Light Conversion from Cailabs, it provides the largest number of modes on the market with the lowest optical losses and the best modal selectivity. With it, you can fulfill all your telecommunications shaping and multiplexing requirements, opening the way to an unprecedented increase in optical bandwidth over fiber optic cables.



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