Cailabs welcomes recognition of the strategic role of atmospheric laser communications in the 2024-2030 military programming law

Publication date: 13 July 2023
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The Military Planning Law (LPM) adopted on 10 July 2023 recognises atmospheric laser communications – also known as free-space optical communications – as one of France’s strategic innovation and space priorities.

This recognition is a historic first, this LPM being the first to enshrine atmospheric laser communications as a leading sovereign technology. This is a critical issue for the future of satellite communications and our armed forces, , as confirmed in the section dedicated to “Priority efforts for the armed forces of the future”. This breakthrough sends a very clear signal to the entire photonics industry and the defence ecosystem.

Recognition of this technology will help consolidate France’s leadership and that of the world-class industrial leaders operating in the country, particularly in the Breton photonics and telecommunications triangle of which Cailabs is a part.

Optical communications are the only ones that enable discrete, low-latency, ultra-high-speed communications (>10 Gbps) while limiting the risks of interception. We are delighted that optical communications are now emerging as an essential sovereign technology,” explains Jean-François Morizur, CEO of Cailabs.

Free-space optical communications is a disruptive technology that has reached an advanced level of technological maturity. Prized by the world’s major powers, they are a game changer for the deployment of their observation and listening capabilities.

They complement radio-frequency telecommunications to provide satellite-ground, ground-ground and ship-to-ship links. They also provide a solution to the critical saturation of radio frequencies.

As a FrenchTech2030 award-winning deeptech offering innovative photonic solutions, particularly in the space sector (design and manufacture of optical ground stations), Cailabs is delighted with this clear strategic direction.