Global deep-tech company Cailabs opening Washington DC office to support Department of Defense and US-based clients

Section : Corporate
Publication date: 26 September 2023
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Global deep-tech company Cailabs has announced the opening of its office in downtown Washington DC, in a move that reflects the major changes in laser communications underway in the US aerospace and defense industry.

Cailabs is one of the few companies that can offer turnkey optical ground stations to manage atmospheric turbulence, enabling high-capacity laser communications, even through the atmosphere.

With the opening of its office in the US, Cailabs is responding to a market opportunity and demand from the defense sector. Laser technology, which is developing rapidly as a field, is a high priority for US defense contractors, as well as sovereign nations globally.

The move will support Cailabs’ continued growth while accommodating rising demand among US customers for laser communications. It reflects Cailabs’ vision to support the Space Development Agency in its ambitious lasercomms roadmap.

Cailabs’ Co-founder and CEO Jean-François Morizur said he was delighted the company would have a physical presence in the US, adding that he was excited for the future.

“We’re very pleased to be opening an office in the United States and to support the defense industry as it looks to become a world leader in the use of laser solutions like ours. 

“Laser communications has come of age in recent years, showing itself to be a fast, reliable and secure mode of communication, as well as one capable of carrying a lot of data. The unique technology we offer makes laser communications more efficient and resilient.

“That makes it an important complementary technology to radio for defense purposes.”

The company was recently named in the French Tech 2030 start-up programme, unveiled by Emmanuel Macron and run by Bpifrance and La French Tech.

The listed companies’ innovations are considered highly relevant to the themes of the $100 billion France 2030 investment plan, which is geared towards supporting businesses, rethinking production models, transforming infrastructure and investing in training, with an emphasis on decarbonization and sustainable growth.

Morizur added, “We’re striving to push the boundaries of what’s possible with laser light, and that has massive implications for a range of industries. It’s a very exciting time for our field.”

The site of Cailabs’ new office is 701 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington DC, 20036, suite 4-122.