Global deeptech company Cailabs appoints Jeff Huggins as President of Cailabs US

Section : Corporate
Publication date: 19 December 2023
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Global deeptech company Cailabs announces the appointment of Jeff Huggins as President of Cailabs US Inc. Huggins brings extensive experience as a CEO in the aerospace and defense sectors and as a business leader with a track record of driving growth at major companies. He will lead a team in the US that also includes new Vice President of Business Development hire, Vik Tailor, and Optics Engineer, Ashley Fabioux.

Cailabs, a world leader in laser communications, has expanded rapidly over the past year, announcing an office in downtown Washington, D.C. in September. As one of the few companies that offers turnkey optical ground stations with a unique capacity to compensate for atmospheric turbulence – enabling high-capacity laser communications, even through the atmosphere – the company has responded to demand from the US defense sector, for which laser technology is a high priority.

With the appointment of Huggins, Cailabs will strengthen its position in the North American market. Huggins led a distinguished career as a Naval Intelligence Officer before moving into the private sector, where he spearheaded the expansion of an established $24 million company, to more than $40 million between 2016 to 2020, delivering 76 percent revenue growth.

He has a track record of developing the US subsidiaries of foreign entities, and held senior roles at several major companies, including Israel Aerospace Industries North America and Raytheon. He is the former CEO and Chairman of the board of the US classified aerospace/defense business of French aerospace company Safran and has worked as a presidential appointee in the State Department, working as the Senior Advisor to the US Ambassador to Japan.

He is joined at Cailabs US by other new hires incusing Optics Engineer, Ashley Fabioux, and Vik Tailor, Vice President of Business Development for the US.

Huggins said:

“Cailabs has developed groundbreaking technological solutions for enduring challenges in laser communications. These innovations are transforming the high data rate communications industry with the use of ground station laser communications in the defense sector, ensuring reliable, faster, more secure, and efficient data transmission.

“It’s a company with a lot of ambition and a lot of creativity but also one that delivers an effective, in-demand end product. I’m confident that together we can drive Cailabs’ growth and development and accommodate the demands of the Department of Defense and of industry.

“It’s a very exciting time to be at Cailabs.”

Jean-François Morizur, co-founder and CEO of Cailabs, said he was delighted to have Jeff on board.

“Jeff has a long track record of growing companies in the aerospace and defense sectors, bringing considerable experience, expertise and versatility,” he said.

“We see him as an important part of our continued growth globally and our ability to meet rising demand for laser solutions like ours from the US defense industry.”We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with laser light, and that is having massive implications for a range of industries.”