Cailabs enhances its AROONA product line with AROONA-CONNECT

Section : Fiber Networks
Publication date: 21 March 2023
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Rennes, France – French deep-tech company Cailabs today launched its AROONA-CONNECT passive adapter to increase the throughput of fiber-optic local area networks in hospitals, factories, universities, etc.

AROONA-CONNECT is designed for local area network managers (e.g., IT managers). This innovative adaptor is very simple to use and does not require any splicing of fiber-optic cables. The new addition to the AROONA product line will also have a dedicated support service to provide an optimal customer experience.

Poor network throughput often caused by faulty fiber-optic cables

Many sites (hospitals, high schools, factories, local authorities, etc.) are having to upgrade their local networks to boost throughput and support new bandwidth-hungry applications like video surveillance and connected and interactive tools.

Cailabs, world leader in light shaping, has designed the AROONA product line to increase throughput on “obsolete” fiber-optic cables (installed 10-50 years ago) by converting them into next-generation, high-throughput fiber-optic networks (1-40 Gb/s).

The AROONA-CONNECT adapter with two standard connectors can connect modern active equipment to old generation fiber. The product is optimized for short fiber links (<550 meters). It completes the AROONA product line, complementing AROONA-STAR, a device that is spliced onto longer fiber-optic cables (several kilometers).

More than 2,000 units already approved by the market for short fiber links

With more than 2,000 units already shipped and approved by users, Cailabs is now officially launching AROONA-CONNECT in France and worldwide through its existing distributor network. A dedicated support service by Cailabs, including installation assistance and a money back guarantee, is also included in this new offer.

Cailabs’ latest offer is an easy-to-use connector requiring no installation support. “The advantage of AROONA-CONNECT is that it can be connected directly to existing fiber-optic cables without any need for a technician,” explained Jean-Philippe Gauthier, Telecommunications Product Manager at Cailabs.

Fiber splicing by a service provider can be problematic and slow down progress on projects because fiber installers are not always available.

“Our partners are excited about this new product and the real added value provided by the connector coupled with customized support. We developed this new offer in line with feedback from our customers and partners specifically related to short links”, explained Fabien Ghez, Chief Sales Officer at Cailabs.