Mitigation of Fading Caused by Atmospheric Turbulence with FMF Coupling and Maximum Ratio Combining Used in 320-m Free-Space Optical Transmission of 10 Gb/s BPSK

ECOC (2016)

Publication date: 2016

Authors: M. Arikawa1, T. Ishikawa1, K. Hosokawa1, S. Takahashi1, Y. Ono1, T. Ito1

1 NEC Corporation

European Conference on Optical Communication, Th.2.P2.SC5.15 (2016).


We experimentally demonstrated the sum of the six modes of FMF improved coupling efficiency by 6.5 dB for the optical beam impaired by 320-m open-air free-space transmission, and fading was suppressed by digital maximum ratio combining for 10 Gb/s BPSK.