Characterization and applications of spatial mode multiplexers based on Multi-Plane Light Conversion

Optical Fiber Technology 2017

Section : Fiber Networks
Publication date: 2017

Authors: Guillaume Labroille, Nicolas Barré, Olivier Pinel, Bertrand Denolle, Kevin Lenglé, Lionel Garcia,Lionel Jaffrès, Pu Jian, Jean-François Morizur

Cailabs (France)


Multi-Plane Light Conversion (MPLC) enables novel beam shaping devices, and in particular highly mode-selective spatial mode multiplexers. MPLC-based multiplexers can combine up to 10 spatial modes with cross-talk of -26 dB and insertion loss below 4 dB. These multiplexers are versatile and can be used in many applications, including long haul mode division multiplexing, short reach mode group division multiplexing, multi-mode optical amplification, and their mode conversion capabilities can be used for optimizing wavelength selective switches.