Low insertion loss highly-mode-selective spatial multiplexers using Multi-Plane Light Conversion

Photonics West 2016

Section : Fiber Networks
Publication date: 2016

Authors: Jean-François Morizur, Nicolas Barré, Olivier Pinel, Kevin Lenglé, Lionel Garcia, Lionel Jaffres, Pu Jian, Guillaume Labroille

Cailabs (France)

Multi-Plane Light Conversion enables novel beam shaping devices, including spatial multiplexers. After a presentation of the achievable performances of these spatial multiplexers, which can combine 10 spatial modes with cross-talk below -22 dB and insertion loss below 4 dB, we review the performances of Multi-Plane Light Con-version in multiple application cases. These application cases include mode-multiplexed optical amplification, high-power beam shaping and combining and LAN fiber capacity upgrade.