114 Space-Division-Multiplexed Transmission over 9.8-km Weakly-Coupled-6-Mode Uncoupled-19-Core Fibers

ICSOS 2023

Publication date: 2015

K. Igarashi1,2, D. Souma1, Y. Wakayama1, K. Takeshima1, Y. Kawaguchi1, T. Tsuritani1, I. Morita1, M. Suzuki1

1 KDDI R&D Laboratories, 2 Osaka University

Optical Fiber Communication Conference, Th5C.4 (2015).

Abstract: We present space-division multiplexed transmission with spatial multiplicity over 100 using weakly-coupled-6-mode uncoupled-19-core fiber. Suppressing mode coupling and core-tocore crosstalk, MIMO complexity can be reduced. The record aggregate spectral efficiency over 345 bit/s/Hz is achieved.