Enhancing Ultra-Short Pulse laser-based processes with tailored intensity and phase beam shaping using Multi-Plane Light Conversion

UKP workshop 2023

Publication date: 2023

Authors: Gwenn Pallier

Cailabs, Rennes, FRANCE


Enhancing Ultra-Short Pulse laser-based micro-processes is possible using beam intensity and phase shaping : increasing the process speed, increasing the precision, and scaling up some applications to the industrial level. We will review the principles of some beam-shaping technologies : Diffractive Optical Elements, Refractive Optics and Multi-Plane Light Conversion. We will then discuss the complex topic of criteria to characterize the beam-shaper performance, as most Gaussian-beam criteria cannot discriminate in between a well performing beam-shaper and one difficult to adapt to industrial constraints. After this overview, we will focus on some specific micro-processing applications and describe how different laser beam shapes have demonstrated to enhance those processes : surface texturing, metal micro-drilling, glass drilling, surface treatment, and micro-welding. In each of these processes using different shapes lead to improvements of different parameters on the application.