Fast adaptive laser shaping based on multiple laser incoherent combining

SPIE Photonics West LASE (2017)

Publication date: 2017

Authors: L. Garcia1, O. Pinel1, P. Jian1, N. Barré1, L. Jaffrès1, J.-F. Morizur1, G. Labroille1

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SPIE Photonics West LASE, 10097-3 (2017).


We introduce a novel technique allowing simultaneous combining and reshaping of several non-coherent laser sources. This Multi-Plane Light Conversion technique is based on a passive, tailored and multi-reflective phase element which realizes intrinsically lossless unitary transforms. This approach is particularly suitable for multiple kilowatt laser beam shaping applied to improved material processing. We present experimental and simulations results of a beam combiner managing up to ten incoherent laser beams and achieving two different functions: one is power combining with an optimum output beam quality (M²), the other is the generation of an adaptive tailored beam.