Microprocessing with a multi-plane light conversion beam shaper and a femtosecond laser at 515nm

Photonics West 2023

Publication date: 2023

Authors: Clément Jacquard1, Kathrin Placzek2, Daniel Holder2, Dmitry Nuzhdin1, Mahmoud Ziat1, Ivan Gusachenko1,  Gwenn Pallier1, Guillaume Labroille1  

1- Cailabs, Rennes, FRANCE 

2- Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW), University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, GERMANY


We describe how to improve micro-processing using Second Harmonic Generation of a Ultra-Short Pulse laser combined with a Multi-Plane Light Conversion beam-shaper.
Manufacturing at 515nm presents advantages compared to 1030nm : extended depth of field, higher sharpness, and higher ablation efficiency for some materials. The beam-shaper provides a square top-hat with a 1/10 sharpness and an extended depth of field up to 10 times higher compared to other beam-shaping technologies.

We describe process results of different metal samples: LIPSS generation with a 100µm square targeting a period down to 0,5µm and holes drilling holes of a diameter smaller than 10µm.