Tribological Properties Improvement of Stainlesss Steel and Nickel Samples at Large Scale thanks to Beam Splitting with a Femtosecond Laser

Photonics West 2023

Publication date: 2023

Authors: Mahmoud Ziat1, Yoan Di Maio2, Pauline Jullian2, Julien Granier2, Gregory Egaud2, Dmitry Nuzhdin1, Ivan Gusachenko1, Gwenn Pallier1, Nicolas Compere2, Guillaume Labroille1

1- Cailabs, Rennes, FRANCE 

2- Manutech, St Etienne, FRANCE 


Femtosecond lasers are available with an increasing energy per pulse. Their efficient exploitation without any decrease of quality is key. It could be done with beam-splitting and parallel processing.

We present a fully reflective CANUNDA-SPLIT module used with a 100W 1030nm 500fs laser and a 100mm F-theta. The uniformity of the beams over the Field of View is presented.
The drilling of stainless steel and Nickel cavities matrices, designed for tribological properties improvement, has been performed. The homogeneity of the cavities and the circularity are analyzed. These results paves the way to meter-scale area processing with a reduced processing time.