Enhancing bandwidth in legacy multimode fiberlinks

Comparison between offset-launching and center-launching techniques

Section : Fiber Networks
Enhancing Bandwidth In Legacy Multimode Fiberlinks
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Multimode fibers (MMFs) have been deployed extensively in local area networks but their transmission capacity does not meet the growing demands for increased network bandwidth. Network managers are facing the challenge of having to scale up their network infrastructure capacity. A large majority of the MMFs currently in-use are legacy types, which are not wellsuited for a smooth transition to 10 Gb/s. It is thus difficult to carry out this upgrade without changing the existing fiber infrastructure.

In this paper, we describe two alternative solutions that allow one to upgrade to 10Gb/s without the need for recabling.

Chapters include:
  • The possible approach of specific launching conditions to overcome MMF bandwidth limitations
  • Mode conditioning patch cable combined with electronic dispersion compensation (IEEE 802.3aq standard)
  • Another, more efficient launching condition technique
  • A passive center-launching technology