How to convert your multimode fibers into single-mode fibers?

Everything there is to know about the innovative solution AROONA

Section : Fiber Networks
Enhancing Bandwidth In Legacy Multimode Fiberlinks

Many Local Area Networks (LANs) are wired with multimode fibers that are limited in bandwidth. The transported throughput cannot exceed 1 Gb/s or 100 Mb/s and therefore does not meet the growing demands for increased network bandwidth.

This white paper aims to explain the benefits of using the spatial modes of a multimode fiber as a way to overcome the modal dispersion-related limitations of multimode fibers. We then present the AROONA series along with its different solutions that increase the bandwidth of multimode fibers and, as a result, avoid having to redeploy new fibers.

Chapters include:
  • How to use an optical fiber’s spatial modes to overcome modal dispersion
  • The AROONA series: Convert your multimode fibers into single-mode fibers without deploying new fibers
  • Case studies about the innovative solution AROONA