AROONA breathes new life into obsolete fiber-optic cables

AGSM AIM Spa, Italy

AROONA breathes new life into obsolete fiber-optic cables
The issue

Leading Italian multi-service company, AGSM AIM Spa, designs, implements and manages a proprietary fiber-optic network in the municipalities of Vicenza (around 250 km of fiber) and Verona (around 400 km).

The fiber-optic cables in Vincenza were deployed in 2002. To meet the technical requirements of the time, mixed cables (combining multimode and single-mode fiber) were installed (100 km). Additional single-mode cables were added at a later stage (150 km).

Current bandwidth requirements mean that the 100 km of mixed cables are now obsolete. Replacing them would be very expensive and involve service interruption. This would have a negative impact on both the general public and the environment.

The AROONA solution

To meet the growing demand for network bandwidth without replacing existing cabling infrastructure, AIM chose to install the AROONA solution. This passive solution allows unlimited throughput on an existing multimode infrastructure over a distance of up to several kilometers.

The benefits of the solution
  • No constraints: no service interruption
  • Fast: intervention takes only 4 hours
  • Ecological: existing cabling infrastructure is reused