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Georgia Tech, USA

AROONA delivers high bandwidth deployment on a university campus

The customer’s problem

Georgia Institute of Technology wanted to meet the growing demand for bandwidth in the fraternity houses spread across the campus. The existing cabling infrastructure, comprising old generation OM1 multimode fiber, would not allow an increase in bandwidth to 10 Gb/s without the deployment of new fiber optics with all the associated constraints.


The AROONA solution

Cailabs’ AROONA-STAR solution provides existing multimode fibers with capacities of 10 Gb/s. With just one device installed at the network core, it enables the upgrade of several multimode links extending towards different remote sites, avoiding supplementary recabling work.


The benefits of the solution

    • Facilitate the upgrade of the multimode cabling infrastructure
    • 35 independent 10 Gb/s OM1 links of between 400 m and 1 100 m in length
    • Significant savings in both cost and time of installation when compared to a new fiber optic deployment


Growing bandwidth demand in fraternity houses

The Georgia Institute of Technology, also known as GeorgiaTech, is a public research university, located in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Georgia Tech has earned its excellent reputation through its science programs, which are considered to be among the best in the world.

This university strives to provide high-speed connection to fraternity homes on campus in order to provide students with high-quality services. On campus, the various fraternities are connected to the core network by OM1 multimode fibers, which were deployed many years ago. These multimode fibers, ranging in length from 400 m to 1 100 m [1 310 ft to 3 610 ft], are unable to transmit information at a rate of 10 Gb/s. Studies have demonstrated that rewiring is costprohibitive. Georgia Tech, being intently focused on technological innovation, naturally turned to the AROONA range, to meet its broadband requirements all the while using existing multimode links.

“The 6 AROONA-STAR boxes we’ve purchased are all installed and all houses are up and running on 10 Gb/s network speeds. Thank you for all your help! It is pretty cool to have magical technology in use and functioning so well!”

Robert Toledano, Network engineer III, Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia, USA



GeorgiaTech Campus MMF Layout Final

“This was a significantly less complex and less expensive option”, explain R. Toledano, “the project costs were divided by five compared to new fiber deployment.”


Avoid complexity of a new fiber deployment

Those responsible for this university network were seduced by the innovative AROONA solution during a meeting with Cailabs at the BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition at Orlando.

Offering a bandwidth of 10+Gb/s, the AROONA-STAR passive solution was used to upgrade 5 multimode links of up to 800 m [2 640 ft] in length from the start of 2018. After a few months in production, 5 AROONA-STAR systems were installed by the end of 2018 to complete the upgrade of the campus cabling infrastructure.

Another remote OM1 link of 1 100 m has also benefited from a bandwidth upgrade with a new released compact module AROONA-STAR 2 fibers.

All of which provides evidence of the AROONA value guarantee and the ease of implementation of the AROONA solution.


Distribution cabinets combining multimode fibers and installed AROONA-STAR to improve the bandwidth of existing OM1 fibers.

Distribution cabinets combining multimode fibers and installed AROONA-STAR to improve the bandwidth of existing OM1 fibers.




New released compact AROONA-STAR 2 fibers module installed in existing patch panel to upgrade the bandwidth of a single multimode fiber pair.



Improved network infrastructure with our partner

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