Université américaine

Georgia Tech, USA

AROONA delivers high bandwidth deployment on a university campus

The customer’s problem

The prestigious American university, Georgia Tech wanted to meet the growing demand for bandwidth in the fraternity houses spread across the campus. The existing cabling infrastructure, comprising old generation OM1 multimode fiber, would not allow an increase in bandwidth to 10 Gb/s without the deployment of new fiber optics with all the associated constraints.


The AROONA solution

Those responsible for Georgia Tech network were seduced by the innovative AROONA solution during a meeting with Cailabs at the BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition at Orlando. Offering a bandwidth of 10+Gb/s, the AROONA-STAR passive solution was used to upgrade 5 multimode links of up to 800 m in length from the start of 2018. After a few months in production, 5 AROONA-STAR systems were installed by the end of 2018 to complete the upgrade of the campus cabling infrastructure. All of which provides evidence of the AROONA value guarantee and the ease of implementation of the AROONA solution.


The advantages of the solution

    • 5 independent 10Gb/s OM1 links of between 400 and 800 m in length with a single network core device
    • Significant savings in both cost and time of installation when compared to a new fiber optic deployment.


An improved network infrastructure deployed in conjunction with our partner

WirelessPSC, LLC is an outsourced technical sales and marketing firm with expertise in manufacturers’ representation, business development, market-entry consulting and product distribution services. The company serves the wireless industry throughout North America and select international markets with a complete and complementary partner offering. Key areas of focus include test & measurement, network infrastructure and specialized technical services. Founded in 2010, WirelessPSC has built a reputation on customer trust, support and industry expertise. WirelessPSC is a privately-held MBE/WBE certified company with offices in San Jose, CA and Frisco, TX.

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