Boitier produit PROTEUS


A made-to-measure spatial multiplexer for all your research needs

PROTEUS-C is designed-to-measure with researchers to respond to all SDM problems thanks to its high versatility and its record performance.


Record number of spatial modes

Up to 45 spatial modes selectively multiplexed and excited

Unparalleled optical performance

Low optical losses and record modal selectivity

High flexibility for all applications

Compatible with a wide wavelength range and all types of input and output: free space or fiber, all mode types

PROTEUS-C in brief

Responding to the most complex problems of space division multiplexing, PROTEUS-C is an extremely versatile made-to-measure spatial multiplexer/demultiplexer. It is compatible with a wide range of wavelengths and all types of spatial modes: LP (Linearly Polarized), HG (Hermite-Gaussian), LG (Laguerre-Gaussian), OAM (Orbital Angular Momentum) or more exotic, so that it is optimally adapted to researchers’ requirements. Thanks to the Multi-Plane Light Conversion technology of Cailabs, this product first and foremost offers the largest number of modes, up to 45 modes, with unparalleled optical performance: very low insertion losses and record modal selectivity.

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MPLC technology by Cailabs


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