Cailabs & Amplitude Laser Group for innovative laser-processing

04 October 2018

Cailabs & Amplitude Laser Group : a key partnership for the innovative micromachining markets


Cailabs, a French deep tech company, global leader in light shaping technology, announced the signature of a partnership with Amplitude Laser Group, global leader in the field of femtosecond lasers, solidifying its position in the innovative laser-processing sector.


Two complementary solutions for a technological partnership


For Amplitude Laser Group, micromachining is a strategic market, characterized by its multi-niche nature, involving a good command of a large number of processes, where it is necessary to be proactive and responsive. The group clearly understands the need to have the upper hand in performance, thanks to cutting-edge technological solutions, which is the key to meeting challenges in their market.


At the JNPLI conference (Conference on Industrial Laser Processing) held in Bordeaux, France in July 2018, Cailabs presented a paper titled “Bessel beam generation for transparent materials drilling,” following recent developments carried out in partnership with the FEMTO-ST institute. This was the starting point of discussions between Amplitude Laser Group and Cailabs.


The opportunity for cooperation soon became evident: the combination of laser beam shaping provided by Cailabs, and power increase of ultrafast lasers on Amplitude’s side, makes it possible to increase the performance of industrial processes.


The value of cooperation with Cailabs is clear: the micromachining markets that Amplitude Laser Group is targeting are extremely diversified, and we need to be very responsive in terms of innovation in order to effectively serve these markets. By providing new solutions, cooperation with Cailabs will enable us to meet significant business challenges,” explains Vincent Rouffiange, Sales Manager of Amplitude Laser Group.


A key step in the strategic development of both partners


Cooperation between the two companies will involve a pilot phase that should lead to the development of a common offer.


While Cailabs’ expertise will allow Amplitude Laser Group to provide a high-performance micromachining offer thanks to its unique technology, this partnership also represents an opportunity for the French deep tech company to position itself in a new industrial market with high growth potential, where there is a need for significant technological support.


Cooperation with Amplitude Systèmes makes it possible to combine two technology components with the aim of developing a common business strategy in an extremely innovative sector. Participation in such partnership programs is essential for the development of Cailabs in these markets,” explains Pu Jian, Partnership Manager at Cailabs.


With this cutting-edge technology that boasts high added value, Amplitude Laser Group intends to expand its offer of innovative solutions in the femtosecond micromachining sector, thus consolidating its leading position in this market.


For Cailabs, this step represents a strategic development in markets where the company intends to pursue growth. Taking position in the innovative, promising market of industrial laser processing, in fields such as additive manufacturing and ultrafast laser machining, is an essential step in the company’s development.


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