Cailabs and Maupertuis institute sign partnership

02 September 2019

Cailabs and Maupertuis institute sign partnership to improve high-power laser processing through beam shaping


Cailabs and Maupertuis Institute announce a partnership to improve the quality and performance of high-power laser processing in the aerospace, naval and automotive industries.


Rennes, France – Cailabs, a French deep-tech company and world leader in light, announces a partnership with Maupertuis Institute, a technical center dedicated to innovative industrial technologies, with recognized expertise in laser processing for welding and metal additive manufacturing.


The two partners will collaborate to offer their industrial partners preliminary process tests that highlight the contributions of shaping for a given process. To this end, Cailabs’ innovative shaping solutions will be available at Maupertuis Institute; most notably, the first shaping system installed will meet the needs of manufacturers in the field of welding.


The goal of this collaboration is to bring out common projects through Maupertuis Institute’s expertise in processing and Cailabs’ in optics and shaping. These joint projects will be carried out either as collaborative projects or bilaterally with a manufacturer whose request is mature.


We are pleased with the establishment of this partnership that is both technological and market driven,” says Jean-François Morizur, CEO of Cailabs. “This is a new step towards the deployment of Cailabs products, in particular the CANUNDA range, in the field of industrial processes using multi-kW power lasers,” he continues.


This partnership enables us to realize our new strategic area of collaboration with SMEs. In addition, the solutions proposed by Cailabs will enable us to offer laser welding processes that meet the new industrial requirements of different manufacturers,” says Eric Laurensot, director of the Maupertuis Institute.


For the Maupertuis Institute, this partnership will make it possible to integrate a new innovative laser beam shaping technique that improves the quality and performance of clients’ laser processing in the aeronautical, naval and automobile industries.


For Cailabs, this demonstration platform will make it possible to directly test the various typologies of beam shaping with continuous kW lasers on the market. “Thanks to this platform, our partners will be able to evaluate the contribution of shaping to a laser process very quickly, perform preliminary tests on Cailabs’ technologies for kW lasers and even improve their laser processing,” concludes Nicolas Laurenchet, Sales Director of Cailabs.


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