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New product

Cailabs is expanding its beam-shaping product line for optimizing micro-machining processes with CANUNDA-PULSE

21 June 2019

Rennes, France – Cailabs, French deep tech company and global leader in light beam shaping, today announces the development of CANUNDA-PULSE, a laser beam-shaping module specifically designed for Ultra Short Pulse (USP) laser requirements and tailored to micro-machining constraints.



A product developed hand-in-hand with Amplitude

In 2018, Cailabs concluded a partnership with Amplitude, French manufacturer of USP lasers for scientific, medical and industrial applications. A square top-hat beam-shaping module was developed and tested successfully for micro-machining copper, invar and aluminum.

Following on from the success of our partnership with Amplitude, we have been getting ever-growing numbers of requests for top-hat beam-shapers. So, we decided to develop our range by focusing on this type of shaping with squares, disks and lines which are compatible with processes based on F-Theta lenses and on microscope objectives,” explains Gwenn Pallier, Product Line Manager at Cailabs.




CANUNDA-PULSE, which is used to obtain any beam shape, also offers optimal quality and depth of field reaching theoretical limits.

The fully-reflective design ensured we could maintain the 300-fs pulse width during tests with Amplitude, and through modal filtering, alignment was made easier and our output beam was incredibly stable!” continues Gwenn Pallier.



Modal filtering

A unique and patented technology was developed in order to ensure the CANUNDA-PULSE module would be compatible with USP lasers: modal filtering. This technology compensates all USP laser output beam fluctuations, which usually deteriorate shaping with these lasers.

Clément Jacquard, Technical Project Manager at Cailabs, will give a presentation1 at Laser World of Photonics to talk about this technology and the results obtained.



Fast-growing key markets

Thanks to its unique properties, USP laser machining enabled the development of new processes: fine-detail machining free from thermal effects, micro-machining for miniaturized electronics as well as surface functionalization.

 “We see a lot of promising applications in surface functionalization; in aeronautics for example, manufacturers develop fuel-saving strategies by reducing drag on aircraft surfaces with the help of lasers. In this case advanced beam shaping is a must to ensure the required quality and yield. That’s exactly where femto and high-power compatible products such as CANUNDA-PULSE are perceived as valuable tools. Not to mention the environmental and overall multi-billion-dollar global economy it will stimulate!”, explains Nicolas Laurenchet, Business Director at Cailabs.

1 Presentation on Tuesday June 25, 14:45 to 15:00, ICM room 22b 2nd floor on Laser Beam Shaping and stabilization for single-mode laser material processing based on Multi-Plane Light Conversion by Clément Jacquard, Ph.D., Technical Project Manager at Cailabs.


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