First AROONA installed on US territory!

Cailabs is extending their expertise to the United States

06 March 2018

Cailabs is extending their expertise to the United States


Cailabs, a leading French player in the field of Deep Tech, is realizing its first deployment of an AROONA product and is significantly increasing the capacity of a US campus network by optimizing the existing infrastructure. It was also nominated as an award-winning solution at the annual Orlando BICSI* Conference & Exhibition in Florida.


Rennes, France – The French company just installed its first AROONA on US territory, within the Stuttgart School District (Arkansas), allowing the latter to upgrade its network capacity to 10 Gb/s and higher in the future.


It resolved what had been a major issue for the campus, which strives to offer innovative technologies and the highest quality of service to more than 1,500 students and teaching staff.


This deployment revitalized multi-mode links extending to various remote sites of the school district and was able to do so without disrupting services. With a single, passive device installed at the network core, the CAILabs solution makes it possible to extend the lifetime of an existing infrastructure by transforming multi-mode fibers into single-mode fibers, thereby avoiding major rewiring work.


“The AROONA solution offered us significant savings and seemed like a cost-effective way for us to attain our desired network bandwidth,” said Billy Longnecker, Technical Director of the Stuttgart School District (Arkansas, USA).


At the same time, Cailabs participated in the BICSI Conference & Exhibition in Orlando in early February, where its AROONA solution competed for the “Most Innovative Product of the Year” award.


AROONA won the award in its category (“Copper and Optical Fiber Innovation”]: a recognition from the US that coincided with the French start-up’s development strategy and desire to expand overseas.


“We are very excited about this first LAN deployment in the US, and the BICSI award that came about as a result. We have been selling CAILabs’ solutions to the United States since 2015 (laboratories, industries, large companies) but this deployment marks the opening of the important market of local networks as well as the affirmation of our already well-established strategy in Europe and Canada, ” concluded Jean-François Morizur, CEO of Cailabs.


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