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Cailabs presents its first catalog for CANUNDA-AXICON

21 June 2019

Cailabs presents its first catalog for CANUNDA-AXICON, a highly unique product which revolutionizes traditional axicon performances


Rennes, France – Cailabs, French deeptech company and global leader in light beam shaping, presents its first catalog of reflective axicons which improve especially Bessel beam glass-cutting processes.



A product developed hand-in-hand with European partners

Cailabs developed its axicons through partnerships with French and German application laboratories: the Femto-ST Institute and the Hannover Laser Center (LZH).

Our partners are really delighted with the machining results which we obtained together and wish to develop new projects with Cailabs. We are currently setting up European projects with industrial and academic partners, in particular on glass-focused topics”, explains Gwenn Pallier, Product Line Manager at Cailabs.

Building on the success of glass machining process tests performed with tailor-designed axicons, Cailabs wished to develop a standard line.


CANUNDA-AXICON: a first catalogue and a first calculator available online on

A first range comprising 15 axicons ranging from ultraviolet to infrared will be available off-the-shelf as of June 24, 2019. These axicons are compatible with scanning systems and produce a wide range of Bessel beams.

The online calculator identifies the best-suited axicon for a given process and specifies which off-the-shelf lenses it should be used with.

We are currently rolling out a standard line to meet market needs and we are already working on next CANUNDA-AXICON generations. They could, for example, integrate original profiles to improve the quality of existing processes. They can also handle power levels which have, to date, never been handled by similar components, enabling new applications such as optimized welding for thick metal sheet”, continues Gwenn Pallier.




The Bessel profiles obtained using Cailabs’ reflective axicons are of much better quality than those obtained using traditional refractive axicons: much more in tune with theoretical profiles, offering greater depth of field, without any oscillation.

Gwenn Pallier explains that actually “a reflective design is a real advantage when working with pulsed lasers as it maintains pulse times and improves damage thresholds. On another note, our axicons are really easy to use!”.  



Rapidly-growing key markets

Axicons are optics which are used in a myriad of fields: alignment and triangulation, glass and composite processing, atom guiding, etc.

Cutting glass, for example, from ultra-thin glass is of great interest for a host of applications from touchscreens, medical devices to a myriad of uses for the automotive industry. The market’s two-digit growth offers promising opportunities for Cailabs’ components such as CANUNDA-AXICON. Advanced solutions for shaping beams with enhanced depth of field are foreseen to meet process quality and yield demands!”, states Nicolas Laurenchet, Business Director at Cailabs.


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