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11 October 2018

The CANUNDA-PULSE beam shaper offers a unique way to precisely and efficiently shape ultrafast laser beams. CANUNDA-PULSE enhances ultrafast-laser-based material processing.



Rennes, France – Cailabs announced today the launch of its new laser beam shaping module, specially developed for ultrafast lasers. CANUNDA-PULSE is a passive module that allows precise and complex laser beam shaping, all while preserving optimal beam quality.
CANUNDA-PULSE is based on the MPLC technology, which makes it compatible with a wide variety of laser sources. Its mode selective design, robust to fluctuations of the input beam, allows it to produce stable beams over time. Moreover, thanks to its reflective design, it can operate with broad bandwidths and withstand high power peaks.


This product will be showcased during the ICALEO international conference (CAILabs booth #11) that will take place on October 14-18, 2018, in Orlando, Florida, USA.


Improvements to laser system performance are linked, today, to the ability to control the shape of the beam at any point of the optical system and of the part being processed.

CANUNDA-PULSE is particularly suited to the micro-machining of materials including those that are transparent.

CAILabs developed CANUNDA-PULSE based on MPLC technology, initially used in the field of telecommunications. This new platform has been specifically designed to meet the constraints of applications where femtosecond lasers are used. CAILabs thereby offers the ideal compromise between efficiency, beam quality and cost. The optical system was optimized to compensate for laser beam drift in order to maintain optimal output beam quality. It is truly a turnkey solution for laser shaping.


 “The market for micro-machining and transparent material machining is rapidly expanding”, points out Pu Jian, VP Product Management & Partnerships at CAILabs. “With CANUNDA-PULSE, we offer the players in this innovative market a technological leap in machining efficiency and quality, without impact on the cost for the client”, she explains.

“CANUNDA-PULSE strengthens Cailabs’ value proposition on the market segment for industrial laser processes and its position as a vital player in the field of complex light shaping”, continues Jean-François Morizur, CEO of Cailabs.



Key Features

  • Free form beam shaping
  • Low conversion losses
  • High pulse energy / peak power handling
  • Compact and rugged design



CANUNDA-PULSE is the third product on the CANUNDA platform:

CANUNDA-HP is a platform used for high-power beam shaping (>10 kW) mainly used for cutting, welding or metal additive manufacturing.

CANUNDA-MP is a platform used for mid-power beam shaping, up to 50W on average.

Cailabs also offers systems for telecommunications.



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