New partnership: Exclusive Networks builds the safest networks, Cailabs makes them the fastest.

19 November 2019

Rennes, France – Exclusive Networks, the global specialist VAD for cybersecurity and cloud solutions, announced its partnership with Cailabs, a French deep tech company and global leader in light shaping technology.

The new partnership adds Cailabs’ bandwidth increasing solution for multimode optical networks, AROONA, to Exclusive Networks vast catalog of cybersecurity-related solutions.

As an Exclusive Networks partner in the US, Cailabs’ contribution will be performance-based, particularly when it comes to highly encrypted network traffic which is generally known to impact data exchange speeds on long-established multi-mode fiber networks.

Since 2013, Cailabs’ unique photonic technology serves across a span of multiple industries and markets, including datacenter networking, laser machining, telecommunications, defense, aeronautics and space.

Cailabs’ AROONA solution is a cost-saving passive device that converts singlemode fiber arrays into multimode output, increasing optical fiber transmission capacity in local networks and optimizing the existing overall infrastructure. Coupled with Exclusive Networks solutions, AROONA solves a major issue for industries using innovative technologies to secure their demanding environments by increasing network bandwidth and mitigating any performance-related problems.


About Exclusive Networks

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