Passive Optical LAN over multimode fibers

AROONA-POL makes the existing multimode fiber network compatible with the Passive Optical LAN architecture, delivering fiber bandwidth right up to the workstation without any need to change the fiber.


GPON technology over multimode fibers

Multimode fibers compatible with GPON, EPON or 10G-PON

A single optical splitter

Designed to replace a standard optical coupler within the Passive architecture Optical LAN architecture

Compatible with all existing multimode infrastructure

Exists in versions MMF to SMF and SMF to MMF (MMF to MMF under development)

Case studies


AROONA-POL: Passive Optical LAN renovation without fiber recabling
AROONA-POL enables broadband connection to be delivered by optical fiber to the desktop through access network technology while retaining the same multi-mode fiber cable infrastructure. Watch the video!


AROONA-POL in brief

AROONA-POL facilitates the upgrade of a LAN to an innovative architecture, the Passive Optical LAN (POL) which uses GPON technology for the access networks (FTTx). This solution allows you to provide high bandwidth over optical fiber right up to the workstations while retaining the existing multimode fiber.





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