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AROONA meets the increasing needs for upgraded bandwidth in historic buildings

Video surveillance, connected interactive devices, increased network reliability: historic buildings need sufficient throughput to meet these new demands.

Tablets are becoming increasingly commonplace in museums to provide visitors with an immersive experience – for audio commentary, additional videos, or viewing works from another perspective, for example. However, these applications are very bandwidth intensive.

To ensure sufficient wireless network (Wi-Fi) coverage throughout the entire building, multiple access points need to be connected to the core network by physical links with adequate throughput. But these buildings generally have previous generation fiber optic cables (OM1/2/3/4), which do not support throughput rates greater than 1 Gb/s or 10 Gb/s.

Historic buildings, such as museums, theaters, and city and town halls, do not have enough bandwidth to install these applications. The only solution, therefore, is to upgrade their LANs to increase the throughput capacity.

Installing new generation fiber (OS1/OS2) is often considered as a solution, however, it has its drawbacks, such as invasive building works, hard-to-reach cable ducts, and business interruptions.

Some buildings are protected for their heritage, artistic or historical value and sometimes require specific permits to carry out work. The need to hire specialists in the conservation and renovation of historic buildings also increases the associated cost.

AROONA is an efficient solution because it meets customers’ bandwidth needs without any recabling constraints:

• Respect for the building and the location (no invasive works or intervention on the building required)
• No business interruption: intervention in the network rooms only
• No special permits required

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