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AROONA Simplifies POLAN Adoption on an Existing MMF Cabling Infrastructure

Passive Optical LAN (POLAN) is derived from PON (Passive Optical Network), a mature technology that has been used in the field by telecom operators for decades.

POLAN is an attractive and durable LAN architecture. It outperforms traditional Ethernet LANs in terms of capacity, footprint, reliability and security, all while reducing operating costs.

The market is still in its early stages, but more and more CIOs are taking an interest. The pace of global adoption is accelerating in verticals such as office buildings, hotels/resorts, government, military and all types of large public venues.

Multimode optical fiber in LANs: a barrier to POLAN adoption

However, most of the optical infrastructures of existing local networks (about 75%) are made up of multimode fiber, which is intrinsically incompatible with the single-mode operation of POLAN devices.

Less than 20% of POLAN projects are deployed to replace traditional active networks This may be explained by the fact that single-mode cabling, and the associated labor required to implement it, represent a significant portion of POLAN installation costs. This is especially the case for existing infrastructure renovation projects.

Such constraints and investments can be a deterrent to upgrading an existing network to POLAN.

With its AROONA product line, Cailabs allows to implement POLAN on an existing multimode cabling infrastructure

With AROONA, there is no need for intrusive, complex or expensive deployment of single-mode optical fibers. You can now easily optimize and sustain your existing multimode infrastructure (that you thought was obsolete) to support your POLAN infrastructure using the AROONA solution. Benefits of the solution are:

AROONA has received innovation awards from the Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN) and the American magazine Cabling Installation & Maintenance.

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