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AROONA Facilitates Innovative Digital Solutions for Hospitals

The modernization of hospitals and the desire to better serve patients requires higher and higher bandwidth in the internal network.

For instance, medical imaging systems generate high-definition images and very big files. The monitoring of vital signs is achieved through diagnostic tools connected to the network, the Wi-Fi is now frequently offered to hospitalized patients. The dematerialization and centralization of heath data also constitutes a major challenge for many hospital centers.

However, the capacity necessary to manage these functions requires that the bandwidth of the multimode optical fibers be much higher than what the current network of hospital structures provides (capacity is often limited to 1Gb/s or only 100Mb/s). In addition, hospitals are often spread out over several buildings and the distance for installing new fibers requires several days of work.

The work generates too much disruption (noise, dust, etc.) for the patients and proper functioning of services.

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