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LAN Government

AROONA serves local authorities’ networks

Regional and local authorities are seeing the number of their work stations, spread out over several sites, increase. At the same time, the number of connected services are also on the rise. There is an increasing demand for communities to centralize their data and generalize the use of applications in the cloud.


They are required to update their networks in order to increase fiber capacity and support the changes in bandwidth consumption.


However, old-generation multimode fibers do not support fiber capacities of more than 1 Gb/s or even a few hundred Mb/s while upgrading to 10 Gb/s is necessary for transmitting large volume data over high-capacity links.


Deploying new fibers is problematic as it requires complex and costly civil engineering as well as authorization requests to carry out the work.

  • Installing AROONA is quick, less than 4 hours
  • AROONA allows the length of the renovation project to be shortened while avoiding authorization requests
  • The existing infrastructure, preserved, is able to transmit large volume data over high-capacity links thanks to AROONA


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