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LAN Ski resorts

AROONA serves digitization of ski resorts

Ticketing, video surveillance system, Wi-Fi hotspots, bandwidth leasing for 4G antennas to mobile operators: ski station information systems are being upgraded all the way up to the tops of the slops! The increasing number of digital services constitute very large data streams that the multimode optical fibers deployed along the lifts are unable to support.


Redeploying a single-mode optical cable offers a solution to overcome this limitation, but the particular constraints of the mountain environment make new deployment complex and costly (civil engineering).


The existing fiber links typically only allow for a capacity of 10 Gb/s or 100 Mb/s while a few Gb/s would be necessary to ensure good quality of service.


  • Installing AROONA is quick (typically 3 hours)
  • The long and complex process of recabling optical fibers (several weeks of work) is avoided
  • The AROONA solution is 3 times less expensive than upgrading the infrastructure through recabling, if not more in complex cases


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