A Paradiski, la fibre optique est installée dans les câbles du téléphérique Vanoise Express

Paradiski Ski Area, France

AROONA makes the deployment of a BCP in the mountains possible

The client’s issue

The Paradiski area is in need of 10 Gb/s links between its two ski areas as part of a BCP (Business Continuity Plan). However, the 22 km-long [13.7 mi] optical link between the resorts’ two data centers includes a 2 km [1.25 mi] stretch of OM1 multimode fibers, which are limited in speed to 100 Mb/s and insufficient for the BCP. Given the complexity of the sites, redeploying new-generation optical fibers on this limited section was out of the question.


The AROONA solution

Paradiski opted for the AROONA-STAR solution, which increases the bandwidth of the existing multi-mode links in a short period of time and without any construction work so that high-speed links between the two resorts could be installed.


The benefits of the solution

  • A BCP made possible thanks to the upgrade of the MMFs
  • Half-day installation for a SMF/MMF/SMF link in difficult deployment conditions
  • 10 Gb/s per fiber pair instead of being limited to 100 Mb/s

A Business Continuity Plan and continually improved services

Paradiski, comprised of Les Arcs and La Plagne resorts, is the second largest ski area in the world. It includes
425 km [264 mi] of slopes, 160 ski lifts, 242 ski slopes and 153 cross-country ski runs. Paradiski also features the Vanoise Express: the longest cable car in the world
(1824 m [1.13 mi]) with the largest passenger capacity for a ski area (about 200 people per cabin).

Paradiski is committed to being a well-connected area with increased Wi-Fi coverage, live cams, dynamic billboards, a fiber-connected snow cannon, YUGE package app with innovative features like uploading photos and videos taken on the slopes, real-time wait times at lifts, etc.

The world leader Paradiski is in need of a 10 Gb/s link in order to implement a BCP that would reconstruct its infrastructure as well as make its applications that support the activity of each resort available online in the event of a major crisis in one of the data centers.


“The solution offered by AROONA allows us to have an efficient, reliable connection between the two resorts at an affordable cost. This makes it possible for the Paradiski information systems to be all the more secure.”

Cédric Blanc, Director of Information Systems

Les Arcs Ski Area

Redeployment constraints in the mountains

The specific constraints associated with a mountainous region make redeploying new fibers through the valley very complicated, even impossible (weather, limited access for construction equipment, etc.) Indeed, the mostly single-mode, 22 km-long [13.7 mi] link between the Les Arcs and La Plagne ski resorts’ data centers include 2 km [1.25 mi] of OM1 multi-mode fibers, causing a bottleneck.

In addition, because the optical fiber was installed in the cables of the Vanoise Express cable-car at an altitude of several hundred meters, it was difficult accessing the fibers and the ducts weren’t available. It was thus extremely complicated to redeploy new fibers over this link, especially with high season in full swing and many tourists out on the slopes.


The optical MMF link (2 km [1.25 mi] OM1) follows the Vanoise Express cable-car


Increasing the throughput to 10 Gb/s without having to redeploy new fibers was essential for the client. In addition, the client wished to remove all active equipment along the link between the resorts in order to keep risks to a minimum. The AROONA solution allowed for this by carrying out a passive transition between the single-mode fibers (located on either side of the cable car) and the multi-mode fibers on the cable car. The products were directly installed on both sides of the fibers being upgraded in a short period of time.

A successful upgrade project

Thanks to the AROONA passive solution, it only took half a day to upgrade the limited fiber links. The project was simplified and the costs were much lower than what it would have cost to rewire new-generation optical fibers. AROONA has proven itself to be an effective alternative to rewiring, bypassing time and distance constraints as well as difficult work conditions. The upgraded multi-mode fibers now make it possible to carry several links at 10 Gb/s and offer connectivity at high altitudes all the while incorporating the client’s BCP.

Modernize your network infrastructure with our partner

Alp’com, Access Group’s network and telecom engineering subsidiary, specializes in cabling infrastructure and network equipment in the mountains. Alp’com intervenes at every stage of modernization projects, from advising to installation to maintenance. It was during the Digital Mountain Event (Alpipro show in Chambery) that Cailabs and Alp’com presented the AROONA solution to the Paradiski ski area IT manager.


Download the Paradiski case study in PDF