4x10 Gb/s across a multimode point-to-point link

Up to 400x capacity increase for multimode fibers: AROONA-SMUX converts any point-to-point link consisting of a pair of multimode optical fibers into 4 independent high bandwidth channels


4 simultaneous channels

Multiple independent channels over a single pair of multimode fibers, to relieve saturated networks

400x bandwidth

4x10 Gb/s over a pair of multimode fibers

Up to 10 km range

Various AROONA-SMUX product ranges allow upgrading of link up to 10 km

Case studies

informatisation des dossiers médicaux

Orthopedic center

Systèmes d’imagerie médicale nécessitant un réseau avec beaucoup de bande passante

Hospital center

Urban Community

Need a high bandwidth in your LAN?

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AROONA-SMUX in brief

In a local area network (LAN), AROONA-SMUX converts a point-to-point link over a pair of conventional multimode fibers into 4 independent channels of bandwidth 10 Gb/s or more, thus making it possible to obtain several high bandwidth channels without changing the fiber, even when the number of available fibers is limited. AROONA-SMUX offers a flexible and affordable solution that reduces the costs of upgrading your cabling infrastructure to support the increase in traffic over the network.


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