High bandwidth over an old multimode optical fiber network infrastructure

AROONA-STAR is used for transmission of 10 Gb/s or more over conventional multimode optical fibers, without replacing the fiber.


Several pairs of multimode fibers simultaneously upgraded

2, 4 or 6 pairs of fibers simultaneously converted to a singlemode connection

10+ Gb/s duplex over each fiber pair

The bandwidth of a singlemode fiber over each multimode fiber

Up to 10 km range

Only one device is required at the core of the network if the links are < 800m, one REACH EXTENDER at the end to achieve up to 10 km

Case studies


AROONA-STAR in brief

Whatever the topology (star or point to point) of the network AROONA-STAR allows transmission of a bandwidth of 10 Gb/s or greater over multimode links of the network, without changing the fiber and in this way optimizes the investments necessary for transition to high bandwidth. AROONA-STAR offers a flexible and affordable solution that reduces the costs of upgrading your cabling infrastructure to support the increase in traffic over the network.



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